Ben Seeger (Director)

Since starting with HTA in 2008, Ben has always worked closely with his clients to ensure that they are working towards their financial goals. Having big aspirational goals himself, he understands the importance of clients having goals of their own and how a Wealth Advisor can have a positive impact on achieving these goals.

Having worked as business advisor for many years, Ben’s real passion lies within Wealth Advisory which prompted his move to head-up HTA Wealth. His approach is simple, as he puts it, “If you know and understand your client’s goals or help them develop their goals, then you can build a strategic plan to work towards attaining them.”
Ben’s high school career program suggested he should be a firefighter: this couldn’t have been further from what panned out. The similarity between both though is his love of helping others. I guess he figured finance was much safer than burning houses.

Kiera Colegate (Junior Para Planner & Office Administrator)

Kiera joined the HTA team in May 2017 in the position of Administrator.
Kiera commenced her career in Business and Finance in 2015. She obtained qualifications in Business and Business Administration, gaining experience in the Share Registry scene before moving over to HTA.

Born and bred in a small, red dirt country town, some might say Kiera is a real country bumkin. Whilst she loved life on the farm, Kiera was excited by the idea of learning more and exploring new opportunities, which landed her here in Melbourne. She is very passionate about supporting her team, doing everything she can to make their lives as easy as possible, but also adding similar value to our clients lives whether that be answering any queries they may have, connecting them with our amazing team or simply ensuring that every experience at HTA is a great one. Kiera also takes a lot of pride in her work with our financial adviser, taking care of client’s wealth creation and financial planning needs.
During her free time, Kiera can often be found out on the football field, camping, finding new cafés to try out or enjoying a social drink with friends. 
Kiera is bubbly, genuine, passionate and a reliable worker that is determined to make the most out of life!