Meet the Team

Troy Townley (Partner)

Troy is one of the founding Partners of HTA Advisory, having been a business advisor since 1999. During this time Troy has developed considerable skills and knowledge in working with clients to assist them in achieving both business and personal goals. The most rewarding part of his day is working with clients to support them in achieving and often exceeding their goals and objectives, even if this path is sometimes difficult.

Troy provides his clients with a holistic service where the focus is to work with clients to create history rather than simply recording it. Troy understands the critical role that accountants perform and the importance of remaining proactive with clients, as well as to educate them on understanding their own business and personal finances, so they are able to make better decisions.

He defines success as being able to do what you want, where you want, with whom you want and not needing to be concerned about finances to do so.

If Troy isn't out running around the Botanical Gardens, participating in half marathons or spending time with his wonderful family, he is more than likely watching Fox Sports News, experiencing something new, travelling to a new destination, watching his favourite movie 'Caddy Shack' for the 50th time, or checking his mobile for the 100th time!

He says the most influential person in his life is his wife Deanne. He describes himself as focused, friendly and supportive and above all believes that his family is his greatest asset.

Tim Hale (Partner)

Tim is one of the founding partners of HTA Advisory, having previously worked in both Australia and the United Kingdom developing his skills and business acumen. This overseas experience has enabled Tim to better assist his clients with financial management and strategic growth.

Tim is addicted to working closely with his clients and sharing their challenges and successes. He focuses on building a trusted advisor relationship, based on values of integrity, responsiveness, and developing value added outcomes.

Tim has extensive experience in working with people from the Property industry; with builders, trades persons, developers, professional services personnel and property owners. Tim shares a passion for property with his clients, which helps to ensure that valuable outcomes are returned year on year for his clients.

Tim has also developed a niche experience in aged care and retirement living, whereby he is a board member and investor in a boutique aged care group.

Ben Seeger (Associate)

Since starting with HTA Advisory in 2008, Ben has always worked closely with his clients to ensure that they are working towards their financial goals. Having big aspirational goals himself, he understands the importance of clients having goals of their own and how a Wealth Advisor can have a positive impact of achieving these goals.

Having worked as business advisor for many years, Ben’s real passion lies within Wealth Advisory which prompted this move to head-up HTA Wealth. His approach is simple, as he puts it, “if you know and understand a client’s goals or help them develop their goals, the you can build a strategic plan to work towards attaining them”.

Ben’s high school careers program suggested he should be a fire fighter, this couldn’t have been further from what panned out. The similarity between both though is his love of helping others. I guess he figured finance was much safer than burning houses.

Catherine Radburnd (Manager)

At the inception of HTA Advisory so was born Catherine’s career as a Client Manager and her first taste of Public Accounting. Since being coaxed from the dark side, working as an accountant in wholesale and manufacturing businesses, Catherine prides herself being HTA’s very first employee.

In the many years since, Catherine has celebrated many achievements with the ever growing HTA family; becoming a CPA, managing a diverse client base, establishing herself as a specialist in Small Business Startups and a love for Women in Business, and on a personal note marrying the love of her life and the birth of her gorgeous daughter.

In her spare time, you may often find Catherine singing up a storm (not just in the shower) to her favourite Broadway tunes, watching a good chick flick, teaching her daughter the actions to another children’s song, or planning another adventure for her little family.  

Ever the budding party planner, Catherine enjoys a good celebration or even finding the next best way to give back to her community. Catherine wears her heart on her sleeve and on her coffees if you’re lucky enough to have her make you one.  Building strong relationships and sharing her love is what Catherine does best, and you will always find her surrounded by friends and family.  Catherine says eating and drinking the finer things in life is what always brings a smile to her dial and she’ll never pass up a slice of sponge cake or a glass of champagne.

Kerryn McDonald (Finance Manager)

Kerryn joined the HTA team only a few months after they opened their doors in 2008. She has worn many hats, sat at numerous desks and is now an integral part of finance.

Kerryn's role continues to change and evolve with the times and her job description doesn't actually have an end. If you need a hand or assistance, just give her a call and she'll be there.

She divides her time between working part time at HTA and running around after her two sons and husband. Outside of the office, you'll more than likely find her out on the softball field, or planning her next family holiday, or in the kitchen baking up a storm, some of which makes it into the office for the 'Guinea Pig' taste testing. As busy as life can sometimes be, she says "There is always time to finish off the day with a good book."

Julie Cameron (Senior Accountant)

Julie joined the HTA team in October 2011 as HTA’s first graduate accountant, after completing a Bachelor of Accounting at La Trobe University in July 2011.

Now one of HTA’s Senior Accountants with CPA qualifications, she loves getting involved in clients’ businesses to help them achieve not just their business but also personal aspirations. She works with a large range of clients providing business advisory, accountancy & taxation services.

Julie also likes to give something back & is the treasurer for the not-for profit, Lungevity.

Outside of the office, you’ll often find her baking in the kitchen or relaxing on the couch with an Action movie. Recently engaged, she’s now focusing her time on wedding planning.

Julie’s most loved past-time is Netball, she has played continuously for over 13 years.

Elisha Huke (Senior Accountant)

Elisha joined the HTA Advisory team in November 2014 after completing her Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University in 2012.

She has been working in the accounting industry since 2009 and has recently achieved CPA qualifications.

Elisha is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals, no matter how big or scary. She has worked with a whole range of small business’s providing accounting & tax advice, as well as business advisory services. 

You'll often discover that if she's not sitting on the beach reading a book or paddle-boarding, you'll more than likely find her watching the AFL while biting her nails! Her mood on a Monday morning is therefore dependent on how North Melbourne Football Club played on the weekend, and she counts down to her 4 o’clock wine on a Friday. 

Elisha’s most surprising quirk is that she is an Olympic Weightlifter, and competes in the sport. 

Tim Bartlett (Senior Accountant)

Tim joined HTA Advisory during August 2016. Being born and bred in the country, Tim is as comfortable chasing cattle around a paddock as he is in a suit in a board meeting and isn’t afraid of a hard day’s work. When it comes to accounting, Tim has a background specialising in high wealth business, tax technical advisory and business advisory.

Tim is passionate about delivering strategies and meaningful outcomes for his clients. He believes that your accountant shouldn’t just be the person that you speak to once a year to report on what has happened in the past, but someone that is there to walk alongside you, help you set goals across all facets of life and business, encourage you, work through the hard spots and celebrate the successes with you. 

Tim specialises in advising on the challenging areas of business, accounting and the financial side of life events, including restructuring, estate planning, business growth, marriage breakdown, business and asset sales, state taxes and all the nitty gritty in between. He enjoys taking the complicated and making it understandable and achievable.

Away from the office, Tim loves a good adventure, the outdoors, seeing new places and trying new things. Weekends are often filled with trips to the snow, a mountain top, the farm or a beach somewhere. He is mildly addicted to coffee and goes to the gym so that he can eat more… if only his cooking skills were better. When he isn’t adventuring or stuffing his face he’s likely found out with friends or curled up on the couch with Netflix.

Matthew Bruce (Senior Accountant)

Matthew started with HTA in July 2017. He has been an advisor for over three years and his close to completing his CA qualification. His role at HTA is as a senior accountant and his focus is predominately on helping small and medium business succeed in their professional and personal goals. He has previous experience in operations and sales before becoming an accountant. This insight has given him a better understanding on what the key success drivers are for a business to perform well in their given industry.

He is passionate about what he does and he loves waking up and coming to work. Seeing the achievements of his clients is what makes his job worthwhile.

When his not at work you will find him in the great outdoors. He loves to ride his mountain bike, snowboard, wakeboard, surf and just get out and about in general. He’s a proud new father of his little girl Lilly and while he doesn’t want her to grow up, he can’t wait to see the adventures she will have.

He is a lover of coffee, food, craft beer and exploring Melbourne and what it has to offer.

Marnelli Baluyut (Accountant)

Marnelli started with HTA in October 2015 as an Accountant. While at HTA she has been exposed to Small Business Enterprises and has gained greater knowledge in the different accounting systems like Xero, MYOB, Class, among others. She is also knowledgeable in Australian tax law. 

Her previous roles have seen her work in the Accounting, Banking, Cooperatives and Manufacturing industries.

Outside of work Nell is interested in travel, cooking and making native delicacies, reading books, watching movies and is a lovely singer! Her all time favourite movie is Serendipity and would describe herself as 'Optimistic, independent and reliable'. Marnelli would say 'Life is a matter of perspective'.

Shiela Enerio (Accountant)

Sheila joined HTA Team in November 2016 as an Accountant. Her strong background in accounting and different accounting systems, as well as her good communication skills, allow here to effectively assist managers when it comes to compliance, tax returns, and many other different tasks. While at HTA, she was able to develop her analytical and tax return preparation skills as well as increase her knowledge about accounting. 

For her, success is being able to overcome every single obstacle that hinders her from becoming a better version of herself every day. 

Very friendly, creative and patient, Shiela occasionally designs dresses for her friends and family members. She loves doing DIY crafts and baking during her free time. 

The greatest challenge that she was able to overcome in her life is moving on with her life as a single parent after losing her spouse last 2016 because of cancer. 

Today, she is happy living with her daughter who both love watching Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 countless of times.

Sherry Jane Enriquez (Accountant)

Jane started with HTA in July 2017. She’s responsible in assisting clients in their various accounting needs. Her knowledge and experience in applying accounting standards and meticulousness in details, make her a good team player for HTA. For her, the most rewarding part of her job is receiving good feedbacks from clients. Because it means that her output has contributed to the achievement of their goals. Being a senior accountant is already challenging, but she’s up for the challenge and is very happy to be part of the operations and in thinking of effective solutions for the clients. 

She’s unafraid of new things, loves arts and is a night person. If she could do another job for one day it would be a voice actor. She would even sing male parts at sing-along bars. 
She has a bad habit of sleeping late, like around 4 in the morning and can’t live without a pillow. 

Myrna Fuentes (Client Services Co-Ordinator)

Myrna has been with HTA Advisory since January 2013 in the position of Client Services Co-ordinator.

Graduating from university with an accounting degree and then working as an accountant for 10 years she has now moved into the role of Client Services Co-ordinator with HTA.  Her background in accounting has helped Myrna perform a variety of tasks in relation to the role with particular focus being to support our Accounting Team in completing compliance and advisory tasks for clients. Myrna works with all our clients acting as an integral cog in the service delivery model of HTA.

Myrna is well know around the HTA office for her warm hugs and laugh and while she has a kind and gentle soul she is also known as our adrenaline junky and LOVES to skydive.

Her favourite thing to do is play with her nephew, niece, dogs, cat and loves spending time with her family & church.

Myrna would like to believe that we all 'look forward in hope and not backwards with regret'.

Melissa Kuhnd (Executive Assistant)

Melissa joined the HTA Advisory team in April 2014 as Client & Business Relationship Coordinator.

With her background in Sales and Administration she now supports the two Partners of the firm in her role as Executive Assistant. Her tasks include overseeing the day to day operations of the office and coordinating the Marketing of the firm.

She has a strong relationship focused personality that has led her to take on new opportunities within the organisation.

In her spare time you'd often find Mel out exploring Victoria, in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or watching a movie with a glass of wine. She's someone that will never pass up a chance to socialize or share a cheeky wine or two, which I guess is why she's in charge of our teams social events.

Mel has a bubbly personality and a giggle to match that is well known around the office!

Crisel Blenda Fernandez (Digital Marketer)

Crisel joined the HTA Advisory team in May 2017. She manages the website, social media, and all the digital marketing processes of the company. She is Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified. She is also Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified and currently undergoing other Hubspot training and certification modules. She is a passionate writer and loves learning new things, especially when it comes to digital marketing and content writing. The most rewarding part of her role is finding her digital marketing strategies are working and producing good results or new insights for HTA. Success for her is being able to contribute to the success of others. 

She is a fan of the writers Haruki Murakami and Jessica Hagedorn, among others, and also enjoys reading young-adult books. She loves watching movies, if you want to make her cry, have her watch “Casper” and “A Walk To Remember”.

Her bad habits include working overnight, drinking too much coffee, eating fatty foods, and not working out. 

Kiera Colegate (Administrator)

Kiera joined the HTA Advisory team in May 2017 in the position of Administrator.
She was born and bred in a small, red dirt country town in Western Australia – some might say she is a real country bumpkin. Whilst she absolutely loved the farm life, she decided to venture out and take on new opportunities, which has landed her here in Melbourne. Kiera  has attained her CERT III Business and Business Administration qualifications in TAFE – this in conjunction with her Share Registry and Client Services background, has given her the ability to multitask and have an amazing attention to detail – this allows Kiera to support her team greatly and are primary requirements in her role as an administrator.
One of the things that she loves about her job is meeting and engaging with HTA’s friendly clients. She finds being able to welcome both clients and colleagues, and ensuring that their day is always kicked off with a Colegate smile and a freshly brewed coffee is a really rewarding experience.
When she isn’t attending to HTA’s front desk, Kiera can often be found out on the football field, stuffing her face with food or enjoying a social drink with friends.  
Kiera is bubbly, genuine and a reliable worker that is determined to make the most out of life!

Pamela Montoya (Administration Assistant)

Pamela joined our team in February 2015 with previous experience in customer service, client support and sales.

She is a graduate of Business Administration majoring in Financial Management Accounting which allows her to support our team greatly. She has a high attention to detail and the ability to multi task amazingly. She prides herself in knowing that even completing the simplest of things can help someone else within the team immensely. 

Outside of work she enjoys reading novels, watching movies, cross stitching...and has a great love for food!!

Pamela tells us that her worst habit is sleeping!! She needs to set her alarm in intervals of 15 minutes to ensure she doesn't sleep through and coffee is definitely her best friend. Her greatest challenge in her life is being a mum and believes that 'Life is what you make it'.